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What is a Citrine / What are Citrines?

Citrines are semiprecious gemstones that occur in yellow, golden, orange and brownish hues.  The gemstone citrine is a member of the quartz family and rates a 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.  Citrine is considered a semi-precious gemstone.

14K Genuine Citrine and Diamond Ring

Citrine is also a Type I gemstone, which means it is usually free of inclusions.  For shopping purposes, it will be easy to find quality citrine jewelry with excellent clarity, as this is one of the typical characteristics of a Type 1 gemstone.

Buying Citrine Jewelry

One thing to know when shopping for citrine jewelry is this:  A good portion of the citrine jewelry being sold today is not natural citrine, but pale amethyst gemstones, heat treated to product a vivid golden color.  

Natural citrine tends to be a pale yellow or pale gold in color, while heat-treated amethysts tend to take on a reddish value to their color.  A gem quality natural citrine of decent size will definitely be pricier than jewelry manufactured by heat treating pale amethyst.

The heat treatment of pale amethyst (also a member of the quartz family and itself a semiprecious stone) to mimic citrine is quite prevalent and is an acknowledged practice in the jewelry industry today and should not be cause for concern provided that this information has been disclosed to you by the jewelry seller, along with any special care that your citrine jewelry may require.

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