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Titanium Jewelry Guide:  Titanium Information & Titanium Jewelry Facts 

If you're thinking about buying titanium jewelry, odds are you're shopping for a titanium wedding band. Good for you!   Buying a titanium wedding ring means you're choosing a material that's beautiful, durable and affordable (or, if you prefer, good-lookin', strong and cheap!).

titanium unisex wedding bandWhat is Titanium?  

Titanium is an elemental metal – the strongest naturally-occurring metal in the world.  Titanium jewelry is lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic.  Individuals who are allergic to gold alloys or silver can usually wear titanium jewelry without problems.  Its most popular use with respect to jewelry is in the manufacture of titanium wedding bands,.


Is Titanium Jewelry Cheaper than Gold or Platinum Jewelry?  

By and large, yes.  A quick comparison shop shows a simple titanium wedding band running about one-third to one-half the cost of its 14k gold counterpart.  Add color, diamonds or a mix of titanium with gold or platinum and the cost, as expected, goes up.  

Advantages of Titanium Jewelryetched titanium ring

As mentioned previously, titanium is the Superman of jewelry metals, about three times stronger than steel and much stronger than platinum, gold or silver, yet it’s very lightweight.  Your titanium ring or bracelet isn’t going to ding, dent or scratch up on you like 14k gold, platinum or Sterling silver jewelry can.

Titanium jewelry is also extremely corrosive-resistant.  Sweat on it, get perfume, soap, salt water or other goop from day-to-day living on it without worry.  A titanium wedding ring, for example, can be an excellent choice for someone who lives an active lifestyle or for those who aren’t inclined to mollycoddle their baubles.

Titanium jewelry also has an element of fun to it.  Titanium metal jewelry is a silvery/grey-white color but it can be tinted, through a heat process that encourages oxidization, in a virtual rainbow of colors and still retain its hypoallergenic properties

Lastly, titanium jewelry can be etched, engraved and polished, just as karat gold or platinum jewelry.

Titanium Jewelry Purity

Some jewelry manufacturers will alloy titanium with aluminum and vanadium (retaining a level of 90% titanium) while others will use nearly 100% pure titanium in order to keep the titanium’s hypoallergenic qualities at maximum.  If you have metal allergies, be sure to buy Titanium jewelry with the greatest percentage of titanium content available.

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