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 Birthstone  Guide 

A birthstone is a precious or semi-precious gemstone which symbolizes the birth month of a person and, some believe, reflects the qualities and traits of individuals born during any particular month. 

The tradition of birthstones dates to the first century but it was in 15th century Poland that the concept of wearing birthstones began to gain popularity.  During that time it was believed that a person should not wear his own birthstone solely, but also every birthstone during its corresponding month, so as to maximize the power of the birthstones.  In order to realize the full potential of the year’s 12 birthstones, a person would have to have a full set of birthstones and rotate their wear as the months changed.

Today, birthstone jewelry remains popular and birthstone jewelry is oftentimes the first piece of ‘serious’ jewelry received by a young woman.  Birthstone jewelry can consist of precious or semi-precious gemstones or colored Austrian crystal.  Indeed, modern day birthstones bounce back and forth between precious and semiprecious gemstones, depending on the month.

Month Birthstone Birthstone Attributes
January garnet Garnet Brings friendship, loyalty, sincerity.  Good health and safe travels.
February amethyst Amethyst Brings peace of mind, prevents drunkenness.  Drives away worry.
March aquamarine Aquamarine or Bloodstone Brings a sense of youth and hope.  Protect health.  Appropriate stone for sea lovers.
April diamond Diamond Strengthens body and soul, brings out the best qualities and protects innocence.
May emerald Emerald Brings fertility and joy and sharpens the mind.
June pearl Pearl or Moonstone Embodies modesty and purity.  
July ruby Ruby Represents vigor and passion and brings fortune and love and protects from unfriendly forces.
August peridot Peridot or Sardonyx Brings friendship, alleviates envy, wards off depression and fear.  Helps in gaining inspiration.
September sapphire Sapphire Clears the mind and relaxes.  Protects from fraud, envy and poor health.
October opal Opal or Pink Tourmaline Ensures fidelity, brings confidence, sharpens the mind and emotions.
November citrine Citrine or Yellow Topaz Brings lightheartedness and hope.  Relaxes the body and cleanses it of toxins.
December bluetopaz Blue Topaz or Turquoise Brings a pleasant disposition and patient attitude.  A symbol of love and fidelity.

Birthstone jewelry can be found in fine gold jewelry settings (10k, 12k, 14k) and gold plated jewelry settings as well as Sterling silver jewelry settings, making for a nice range of choices when it comes to selecting birthstone jewelry.  The variety of settings, stones and jewelry pieces available also means a gift of birthstone jewelry is a relatively affordable choice for those wanting to give a meaningful piece of jewelry on a special occasion.   

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